Why will I need a FRC Bridge?

1. Temporary replacement of a tooth or teeth before implant procedure
  • During the healing process after an extraction
  • As an immediate replacement - whilst waiting for the implant.
  • Financial reasons - patient can’t afford an implant now and would like to have the implant at a later stage.
2. Immediate semi-permanent replacement

After extractions due to:

  • Fractured Root (Metal post retained crown)
  • Periodontal disease (periodontal Abscess).
  • Unrestorable teeth
3. Permanent Replacement


  • Conventional bridge preparation too invasive.
  • An implant is not suitable.
  • Dentures are not desirable.
  • Prognosis of the adjacent (or anchor ) teeth are doubtful and a more cost-effective solution is required. Eg. The periodontally compromised patient.