About the Company

Fibrebond Ltd, was established to introduce dental professionals and patients to a new, minimally invasive, and cost effective treatment option for correctly chosen cases. Fibrebond wants to serve the dental professionals by organizing interesting and informative lectures and hands-on courses to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills associated with these high technological materials.Who is this site for?This site is for dental professionals and auxiliary staff who are encouraged to contact Dr van Rensburg regarding any information about the fibre products, treatment planning, lectures and hands-on courses. Fibrebond ltd specializes in fibre related products only and would like to offer the dentists, dental therapists and dental technicians accurate advise when purchasing these products from FibreBond Ltd.(the Fibre Specialists).Patients will find useful information about stabilizing loose teeth normally due to periodontal disease and also replacing missing teeth with options less invasive and more cost effective than implant retained crowns and other conventional treatment options.

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Fibre Bond offers a comprehensive training CD. Click here for more info.