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Dr. Van Rensburg's special interest in Aesthetic Dentistry introduced him to the exciting new field of fibre reinforced composites. He attended a course in Turku in Finland in 2003. Dr J. Van Rensburg has already done more than 700 successful clinical cases involving fibre reinforced composite restorations, both in England and South Africa. Currently he is practising in the UK where he is also actively involved in an educational program focusing on fibre reinforced dentistry.

Dr Ian Kerr BDS Dip Res has been involved in FRC dentistry since 2007 and has made it a daily part of his clinical practice since then. He has worked extensively with Jansie Van Rensburg for 10 years and has lectured nationally and internationaly on Fibredontics"and has published 3 articles in peer reviewed journals on the topic. He has delivered hands on courses with Jansie to 100s of dentists around the UK and in 2017 was part of the 12 delegate Global Key Opinion Leaders meeting that provided the editorial review of Fibre Reinforced Composites for The Jounral of Dental Materials . In January 2018 he will be presenting to the Stick Tech Training Insitute in Turku, Finland on updates in the use of FRCs in dentistry. 


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