About the fibres

Benefits for the patient

  • Less drilling and most cases done without anaesthesia (no needles)
  • If required, the structure can be easily repaired or remodelled
  • Fewer appointments needed
  • Tooth tissue can be retained for a longer period
  • Stick® fibres offer new cost effective treatment solutions

Benefits for the dentist

  • No additional investments required
  • The working procedures are time saving
  • New high quality technique for daily use
  • Useful alternative to offer your patients

Composition of everStick fibre

fibre cross-section

4000 silanated glass fibres impregnated with PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) polymer and bis-gma. gel matrix (light cure monomer). Furthermore, the fibre bundle is surrounded by a PMMA outer layer. The earlier version, Stick fibre, did not have the bis-gma component or the separate PMMA covering.

Since everStick contains the light curing bis-gma component, it does not need to be impregnated with resin again before use. However, if the restoration was made in a laboratory, the surfaces need to be wetted with resin before bonding to the teeth. This also applies to repairs and to reactivation of the PMMA gel matrix where required. The PMMA covering: It improves the bond to the acrylic and composite materials and also makes the material easier to handle. The bis-gma alone is too sticky and sticks easily to the instruments and other materials.

Clinical advantages of Stick technology

  • Tissue saving
  • Direct bonding is possible
  • Direct, in-the-mouth applications possible
  • Structures are easy to repair
  • Many different uses possible
  • Compatible with most composite materials



fibre cross-section

  • Composite bridges
  • Surface retained, inlay and hybrid bridges
  • Temporary bridges over implants
  • Long-term composite bridges
  • Temporary bridges

fibre cross-section

  • Composite crowns
  • Temporary crowns
  • Periodontal splinting
  • Trauma case splinting
  • Orthodontic retention
Root canal posts

fibre cross-section

  • Post and core structures

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