Patient testimonials

'The missing tooth' - a patient's testimonial

I think it started a couple of years ago - the tooth in question, (lower front incisor), over time had lengthened slightly above the other lower front teeth, (probably old age I suppose), and one night while dozing in the armchair, my

An FRC patient testimonial

For the past twenty years or so I have had a conventional bridge at the front of my upper teeth. This was a six tooth bridge, three bridge teeth supported by three existing teeth.

Testimonial of a 58 year old man

This is a testimony that was written by a patient of approximately 58 years of age. He is a businessman and semi retired. He heard about the fibres from his friend in South Africa, who I have treated when I was out there.


Terry and I would like to thank you very much indeed for the excellent treatment received by yourself and your friendly team at your Heathfield practice.

Testimonial of `a very happy patient'

The final episode of a TRUE DENTAL DRAMA Featuring - Mr. JANSEN VAN-RENSBURG with support from all at the OAK LODGE DENTAL PRATICE